WakingApp's Cloud image recognition enables the classification and recognition of images within AR experiences made with WakingApp AR Studio.
Images on the cloud can be recognized by using the WakingApp Viewer SDK on both Android & iOS devices.

What differentiates WakingApp's cloud image recognition from others?

Adding images-

  • The process is easy and automated by using WakingApp AR Studio.
  • Images are indexed immediately (rather than stuck in queue for minutes / hours).

Searching for images-

  • Raw image data from the device's camera is never sent to the server.
  • Fast (When the image is centered on screen, it takes about a second to get results and identify the correct image from a collection of up to 1,000,000 images)
  • Doesn't require a fast internet connection - recognition information sent to the server is often less than 10KB.

Public Cloud

How does it work?

  • Add your images to the cloud
  • Scan using WakingApp (ios, android).
  • Once an image is recognized, the associated AR experience will be downloaded and played.

How do I add my images to the cloud?

By simply publishing your image-tracker based projects, our publishing tool will extract and classify the images you've used within your project.
Publishing can be done directly through WakingApp AR Studio and the developers dashboard (https://developers.wakingapp.com/#projects).
For a short tutorial click here.

How much does it cost?

As long as you have an active 'pro license' and use our default public servers (publish.wakingapp.com), the service is included.

Private Cloud

Can I have my own private cloud image recognition?

The Image recognition service can run on your own cloud of choice, contact [email protected] for pricing.