Project Structure

Project Directory

A project in WakingApp AR Studio resides in a directory. In that directory should be a single *.waproj file, and 2 adjacent directories: raw, and compiled.

Raw Assets Directory

The raw directory is where raw assets such as FBX or MP3 files are located.
Assets in this directory, and its sub-directories, will be automatically recognized and imported by the Editor - in other words, they will become compiled assets.

The Editor will mirror the file structure of the project, and display it in the Assets View. Changes to this structure, such as files being added or removed, will be picked up by the Editor and it will update the Assets View accordingly.

Additionally, any updates to an asset file will also be picked up by the Editor automatically, and the modified asset will be re-imported, reflecting the changes made.

Compiled Assets Directory

Compiled assets are placed into individual sub-directories that are also used as identification inside the Editor. Internally, the Editor will only use those assets which are in the compiled directory.


it is imperative to leave this directory untouched.