M300 Smart Glasses

Guide to download and use WakingApp AR Studio Vuzix Projects on M300 device

WakingApp AR Studio Vuzix Projects

General Information

WakingApp AR Studio supports Vuzix and you can create Image tracking projects in it.

In order to experience WakingApp AR Studio experience through Vuzix you can download our 3 demo projects that are available in Vuzix store:

WakingApp Training Demo
WakingApp QR Warehouse Demo
WakingApp Device Manual Demo

All these projects are available for the M300 device and can all be downloaded through Vuzix app store by search or links here:

WakingApp Training Demo

In this project you will use this QR as an image target:

When scanned, Sofa's parts will appear scattered around. You need to double press on the touchpad of the Vuzix M300 in order to assemble all the part together. Follow the steps presented on the top right of the screen and you will assemble in a few touches.

WakingApp QR Warehouse Demo

In this project, you will have 4 different QR's to scan:

Each QR resembles a different item in a warehouse. When scanned, you will see the item itself including item name, price, and a sticker that tells you if the item is in stock or not.

WakingApp Device Manual Demo

In this project, you need to scan this image target:

Once scanned, you will be presented with instruction comments around the controller.
Every instruction comment will explain each button on the controller.